415-684-7821 IRS Scammers

(415) 684-7821, Dumb IRS scammers, active now.

Found another IRS Scam
(310) 982-6198, Active but hanging up quick

How can they scam anyone when they hang up in 0.15 seconds?

Actually I think they are having phone issues, on with them now.

That was a good waste of their time, did the second number I posted this time. This is like the fourth IRS caller that I’ve told them I don’t have a car, and I’m riding a horse to Walmart, and I play sound effects, (horse neighing, horse galloping) and the idiots don’t hang up on me, mind you I’ve told them I’m close to Chicago, not Wyoming or Montana.

Is anyone else not getting FireRTC email for recordings saved?

Neither are picking up

When you call, ask for an “Officer Martinez.” I just had her on hold for 40 minutes with ambient NYC sounds while I showered and shaved. Was absolutely worth the blow up when I spelled out the Google Play cards to them…

Hint: I spelled Hindi swear words with numbers in the mix.

Also, the caller ID says “nubian cruise lines,” but they’re pretending to be IRS today.

On the phone to the second one now. He thinks im on the ten minute drive to safeways to pick up some electronic payment card.

Neither works for me…first one says not in service and shows up on caller ID as Nubian Nile Cruises.

2nd number just rings and goes to busy tone.