414-409-6888 - You Won Free Groceries Scam

Scam Number: 414-409-6888
Scammer’s Website or Email: none
Additional information about this scam: Today, I have received numerous robocalls from these foreigner scammers. They are offering “free groceries” and “retail vouchers”. The number is active as of 4:45 PM EST.

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I called them back at 5:07 pm EST, and these are now “insurance specialists”. Interesting how these scams evolve.

just a rebate voucher scam. lead generator or gen…


Yep! that’s exactly what it sounds like

It is interesting. First when I called them, they were retail voucher scammers. Then, they started answering as “insurance sales”. They then blocked me. Either way, these are all foreign scammers that should be flooded and cursed out.

That’s how the Medical Alert works, first you get Automated “Jessica” hang up call back and it’s a busy signal, and if you continue to call back it’s still a busy signal. Different leadgen’s, internet tv discount, flight deals, or a romantic cruise. As of 10:00PM EST it’s a voucher.

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Okay, I see. I absolutely hate Medical Alert scammers and Medicare Benefits Advisors scam. They are relentless and obnoxious, but they are fun to mess with. For some reason, I get the Filipino ones triggered most; they scream and swear. I will be messing with these voucher scammers tomorrow again. These ones are Indians, I think.

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You want to go straight for these numbers that are instant answer and no ivr menu to listen to.

There is a thread a listed the numbers that remain active for half an eternity.
I find large amounts of these huge mailout voucher call centre numbers quite often.
They last for a few months then they move to to brand new number homes.

There has been two more numbers for these idiots my dialers picked up today but that’s enough to keep the enthusiast retail rebate voucher teasers in their element for days.

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This is a great thread! Thanks for sharing! I will be hitting these dickheads tomorrow for sure. I used to scambait fake Canadian pharmacy idiots a lot about a year ago. They then sadly disappeared. There was some angry Filipina hag named Bella there. She would get unfuriated in no time. Man, I wish I could find them again!

By the way, I bet you most of the numbers on your thread are on the networks of Inteliquent/Sinch and Peerless Network. These scumbag carriers are notorious safe havens for scams and illegal behavior.

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All of those toll free numbers route to a huge Indian call centre
Since I discovered them a few weeks ago they have changed the name 3 times
It was something like the Loyalty Reward program at first, then a week later it morphed into the Benefit Reward program or something like that. I never listen to them, just verify their online status as active or not. After hearing many millions of fake names, ridiculous scripts and phony companies over the years, I have become immune to their bullshit. Listening to them isn’t high on my priority list, unless they do something outstandingly stupid or have decided to steal a particularly stupid first and last name, which some of them do.
They have done a massive mailout of postcards to citizens all over by the sound of it.
They ask for the number on the postcard, which is a trivial minor detail they can have a shiny red object waved in front of them to distract them and then never mention a lucky claimer number ever again.
The dog could even have shit on it and reading it between smears is perhaps impossible, who can tell with these things? :man_shrugging: :wink:

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Hahaha, nice. Ultimately, these assholes run identity theft operation to dupe the American public into giving them contact info/names. Here is one truly disturbing thing about these developments: large US VOIP carriers like Inteliquent/Onvoy, IP Horizon and Peerless Network receive numerous reports about these scams on their networks DAILY. However, all these telephone numbers are still operational. After all, why would they deactivate or ban these scammers from their network when it generates them a ton of money?:unamused::face_with_raised_eyebrow::rage:

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I used to report thousands of numbers each month, a couple of thousand student loan toll free numbers alone, which I discovered sometimes several hundred of them daily. I gave it up as a bad joke and a waste of my time and effort because they remained in operation indefinitely. That 1 hour + of wasted time reporting numbers every day was better used in finding and ruthlessly destroying more call centres.
I ended up baiting the waste of skin employed in the position of acting upon such complaints at a certain telco, who hosted 90% of those numbers at the time. When I’d worked him nicely into a corner, I stood squarely in the doorway, blocking his only uncomfortable way out, unable to get past a rather large immovable object. Only then once there was no way out of the position he and the telco had adopted of profit before pain and people (innocent citizens), did the reported numbers start to go silent.

I know a great deal about how corrupt & pathetic these useless creatures really are.

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Infuriating. Pathetic, disgusting, greedy pure degenerates who are hurting the most vulnerable citizens and the elderly by enabling scams from some foreign scum. Not all is lost, though. People like you and I can still help tremendously by raising awareness of the general public, repeatedly reaching out to the FCC and FTC and other governments bodies. I have been doing it and got some responses. ITG of the US Telecom could also be helpful sometimes. FCC has recently issued a dozen of Cease-and-Desist letters to several large VOIP carriers in the US. I think they are slowly realizing that VOIP imbeciles are to blame for the disaster we are seeing now.

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I couldn’t agree more.
Things are slowly turning the corner.
The wheels of government bodies never turn quickly.
A comfortable lifestyle of doing 4/5ths of fuck all is a highly sough after position.
Why go and stuff it all up and spoiling it by doing that work thing.
The seasoned professional, fully qualified lazy useless smart people, have their existences mapped out to the finest invisible details