405-226-2794 Publishers Clearing House - Sweepstakes / Lottery Winnings (SCAM)

Scam Number: 405-226-2794 & 405-683-7795
PCH scammer David Peterson

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405-226-2794 & 405-683-7795

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405-226-2794 still active

I think they could be shutdown or have blocked me idk

Probably blocked because he’s still active at that number.

1 ring, then female bot tells me voicemail box not yet setup and to try call later.

Still active. Short tempered. Must be hitting him hard. Poor fool…

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405-226-2794 David Peterson Sunday 3-19-23 7:30PM EST

This one pisses me off still active I have been sending emails left right and center. Verizon won’t do anything. I am going to have a breakdown if I can’t shut off this son of a gun. This one is personal. being his making a victim pony up his phone. I will trash this scammer somehow. I can’t flood Verizon. other options people. I need something that dials out at random times just one call here and there. with different messages. Out of ideas, these guys make me sick. But I am going to crush this number just like the rest. I have a carrier-grade email which should step up the process, but Verizon being them only cares about $$$ I happened to grab his text now account

17244884287 ONVOY, LLC - PA ( plus woke him up) lol

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I know what you mean. Some victim probably sent him this cell phone. Sad.


Possibility it’s cloning the sim card is also possible. But understanding them you’re probably right. Sad as it is. Just like getting a cell phone off your mommy when you’re 35 years old. They have been falling for a new trick. Seem’s they love women’s names on CNAM. They’re so stupid you won’t even have to change your numbers only the cnam which is priceless only with Mastercard :wink: If you need any help just holler anytime :slight_smile: I would be more than delighted to help. right now We have five carriers. All are networked in a family. They do reports in a minute or so. Polite and they don’t like scammers mainly cause they’ve trashed many networks. We are building up an army. All done through the right channels and not of a flooder if you get my joke as they take up many channels