315-202-1668 Publishers Clearing House

Scam Number: 315-202-1668
Scammer’s Website or Email: i acquired this personal scam number by baiting the pch for 30 minutes. peep Scam Adams on youtube the video for this interaction will be up in the next day or two
Additional information about this scam:

315-202-1668 Andy Golberg Friday 10-21-22 1:49PM EST

315-202-1668 Still Active. Andy Goldberg Saturday 11-5-22 6:49PM EST. Claim code 85647

bro listening to you talk to these people brings me so much joy you’re a FOOKING legend!

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I appreciate that! I try to be very nice until they piss me off and not give me the information I need.

Firefighter would you be okay with me throwing your audio recording at the end of my scambait videos as a bonus? theyre fookin golden

Which one I have so many?

lol i dont mean all of them i just mean the ones you post on my posts. im currently editing the jamaican scam vid and it seems like a great idea to throw in you talking to literally the same guy at the end

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512-528-3990 Mike Lopez Personal Line CALL IT!

im just not tryna throw your voice on the internet if you dont want me too lmao

I understand, but I’d rather not. Did you already download it?

lmao that might not have been as clear as i thought. im not gonna use your shit without permission

of course not i waited on your response. thanks tho if you ever wanna collab on some scam baiting lmk!

Yea I’d rather not have anyone track me down or try to abuse me.