310-341-4231 Student Loan Scammer

The called me at 4:15 PM EST from a restricted number and left a voicemail. They are promoting “student loan forgiveness”. Well, I do not have any student loans and on the DNC. They are obviously scammers. I called back and got people at 4:21 PM EST They appear to be US-based.


Verified at 1530 CT


Thank you! You rock! You always respond so fast and approve my posts :) Keep it up!


You are very welcome, my friend.

Man answered. American accent. Wanted to know how much student loan debt I had then wanted to know how much CC debt I had. Was very angry when I asked what company he worked for. Claimed I do not need to know. Then threatened to keep calling me back. Is currently not answering my calls. Please spam this scammer.

The after a coupe of actual voice contacts and then several unanswered calls, the number is now no longer in service.


Thank you very much for doing it! We have once again proven that these are scamming bastards! I bet you, they will be back tomorrow either under the same number or a different one. Fucking filth! And these are not even based in India.

Hi, all. They are back! I had them answer at 2:44 PM EST!


Yeah they just got done talking to several martial artists competing tomorrow night. CSO!


Awesome! Thank you! Tired of these scumbags.


These student loan criminals is what got me started down this rabbit hole.


They are back! Got humans at 1:37 PM EST. They are back to calling from private numbers and leaving bogus voicemails.


Yes they are. Spoke to two of the same criminals I did Friday. They are tracking which numbers call them. So far I’ve reached “Layla” and “Alex”.


Also “Layla” was kind enough to give me her direct number:

949 681 6974

I tested it. She even has a voicemail set up. You guys know what to do “This is the way”.


Awesome! I am going to bug them now! Also, here is another scammer - 877-592-1057. They are calling nonstop from "Medicare Rewards" and leave annoying voicemails. If you call this number back and follow prompts (press "2"), you get connected to some nasty scammers who yell and argue! I got 3 of them to yell and hang up on me!


So they are identifying as ensuren. This is insurance scam. After I asked for the name of the company they provided it and went directly back on script. I asked for a website and they provided one. Based upon looking at it I knew it was a fraudulent website. So I checked the registar with Whois.com and guess what drum roll please…


Its go daddy, the company most notorious for working with criminals. Frak go daddy and the hole from hell they crawled out of.

They also often reference this website: https://benefitadvisorusa.com/. I contacted Domains By Proxy, LLC that hosts this website, and they refuse to identify who is using this website, unless there is subpoena. I’ve read nothing but scam accusation against Domains by Proxy. How the hell are they getting away with it, when they are in Arizona? You’d think law enforcement would do something.


domains by proxy doesn't host it, they provide the privacy services for the domain owner, and well it sucks they need a subpoena to reveal it, legally, that's how it is.


Thank you for the explanation. Is there any way to find out who the domain owner is? I assume, it is GoDaddy?


not with whois privacy, no.