"3 Months of Discord Nitro free from STEAM" SCAM

Popup 1 - 3 months of Discord Nitro free from STEAM (nitrodiscorb.icu)

Registered in Moscow, Russia via Reg.Ru on June 15, 2022 - Whois nitrodiscorb.icu

Popup 2 - http://discrod-egifts.com/

Registered via Beget LLC on June 2, 2022 - Whois discrod-egifts.com

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This website contacted 7 IPs in 5 countries across 6 domains to perform 35 HTTP transactions . The main IP is , located in Belize City, Belize and belongs to DDOS-GUARD CORP., BZ. The main domain is discrod-egifts.com .
TLS certificate: Issued by R3 on June 16th 2022. Valid for: 3 months.

3563 similar pages on different IPs, domains and ASNs foundShow Scans 3563

AxxoSecurtiy Services’ Verdict: Potentially Malicious

Targeting these brands: Discord (Instant Messenger)

Live information

Google Safe Browsing: Malicious for discrod-egifts.com

Current DNS A record: (AS262254 - DDOS-GUARD CORP., BZ)
Domain created: June 2nd 2022, 23:38:46 (UTC)
Domain registrar: Beget LLC