3 Active Amazon Scam Numbers

Robocalls found on NoMoRobo:

504-500-4644 amount: $579.99
712-217-8196 amount: $579.99
406-321-5887 amount: $149.99

All active at 4:42 PM EST


ive called 8 times everytime theyve answered

406-321-5887 amount: $149.99 Kolkata Location IP

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504-500-4644 Hoarding …


Still :boom::fire:504-500-4644

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Scammer tried to connect on my computer using AnyDesk. I messed arround with him by giving him a new random key every time :rofl:

Can you find the IP address of the 712 number?

No but betcha drwat can :smiley:… He does it all the time

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pog thanks bro

Hey dude​:laughing:that 504 # still answers :laughing::laughing:


One guy answering “hello?”.

hahahahahaaa I love this so much. Drwat said he will try to get the IP of the number on Friday.

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