289-434-5889 Fake CRA

2019/01/22: 12:18 PM EST: 289-434-5889 Canada, Hamilton, ON

Typical fauxCRA, nobody can speak French .. LOL one opener said he couldn't understand my accent

@Darrell64#71780 Recorded just now…


Note at mid-point the fauxCRA agent mentioned Homeland Security...

My first scambait YouTUbe…


Hahahah these guys are hilarious.

Good job!

When they ask my home address/postal code I usually give the address of the CRA office in Mississauga,

Often I give my French name alias of Mange LeMerde, this time I used “Nate Shaw” who on their script is the local RCMP officer, regardless of what city you give them…

@Darrell64#71831 “Nate Shaw” is a busy “officer”. He acts as local police office in the USA for the SSA scams. LOL

@Darrell64#7178 Funny Homeland Security. Just today the number 888-406-5586 as of yesterday was reaching “SSA” scammers, now is taken over by the “CRA officers”

@drwat#71870 And 888-406-5586 today they are the IRS.