289-352-1265 Travel Scam

2019/11/19: 4:02 PM EST: 289-352-1265 Hamilton, Ontario via Distributel VoIP.

Called spoofing their own intake number of: 289-352-1265. Note never registered, never purchased anything. I even pointed that out, and they are a scam. He countered with we are listed on the BBB.. LOL I all sorts of massive discounts and "upgrades" to a non-client


Monster Reservation Group, LLC
4503 Socastee Blvd Unit C
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588-6820
(844) 648-2229
09:00 AM - 09:00 PM

I’m calling now ! lol… this is GOLD !!!

thanks for posting =D

One of the guys there gave me his personal number which is 5617792641

I called the number on the website monsterrg and told them about 2893521265, they said that 2893521265 was not apart of there company . So I think that 2893521265 is posing as monsterrg.


@FreeBird#118684 I knew it was a scam, when I called using a payphone number that doesn’t accept incoming calls, then I called back spoofing 289-352-1265. At no time did they ask for my name they just launched into their script. I didn’t have the time to wait until the payload part.

so, funny thing is i work for mrg. i could veridy whether or not that agent was from our group but it wont let me play the stupid recording for some reason.

as far as monster reservations group, we arent a scam. we just sell discount vacations obviously in exchange for doing a timeshare presentation on the first trip. furthermore- i dont sell anything, i just set dates for our clients for their first trips.

really am concerned if another company is posing as us 🤔


Yea like two people have cussed me out at this point, when I started asking for the website. I even called with a new number every time and they said they have my file right in front of them. When I asked them what my files name was they hung up over and over.

@JOSELOPEZSANCHEZ#122259 hahaha. that’s Funny !