247 Techies Scam Biggest scam company ever!

There main number is 1-888-296-5819

It takes minutes for them to answer. The more you spam them after they first answer the more active they are that hour. Same goes with all their side numbers. RAID EM BOYS!!!

and one of their side numbers is 9512254560

I think they have another main number and maybe a dozen more side numbers I will keep this updated

I thought they were a legit company so i wanted to see their skills i downloaded tons of fake antivirus programs and even fired up spysheriff. they went through and saw all the malware and said i have to pay $800 and i said no that's alot of $$$ how about noodles instead then he said FUCK YOU AND INSTALLED A SYSKEY TO MY VM

also if ur a virtual machine kind of scambaiter like me you don’t have to worry about them asking for payment first. Instead they look at the problem first and if there isn’t a problem they make one up then they ask for payment. If you don’t pay them they may go through files and put up a syskey like they did to me.

omfg they take forever to answer.

@FriendTheJames#16129 did they answer

(951) 225-4560 Still Active Answered Alex