24/7 Tech Support Line (18446658666)

24/7 Tech Support Line (18446658666) A two names are Kevin and Alex they don’t enjoy the calls so flood them!

Here is a random call with a scammer wasting time.


@GOHLSquad#43770 I was online with Gary Jones for 14 minutes. Baited him for 10, shut him down for 4. During the call, I heard one of his colleagues tell a caller, very loudly, “You think you are too intelligent? You are thinking you are so smart?! You stupid American?!” He himself told me the exact same thing at the end of the call, to which I responded that his intelligence was too little to say something other than what he has already been told to say. He became extremely flustered and started yelling at me into the phone, at which point I connected him to another scammer from the same call center and he angrily hung up.

Best. 14 minutes. Ever.

Here is another phone call with the same people https://phone.firertc.com/calls/5b676180747563519d220000/recording

@ScamBuster99#43776 I’ve been calling with friends for the past 48 hours.

FireRTC Phone call recording with +1 844-665-8666

I can confirm that this does work

the number does work but they just hang up

Haha, just spent 10 minutes on the phone with theses guys using the It’sLenny! soundboard and they still went along with it. Stupid scammers.

The number is still working at the time of posting this. Have fun!

Called from 4 diff numbers asking for kevin, the last call they were quick to drop some N-bombs yikes overall I’d say they are not happy lol

@Dudebro420#43805 Yes indeed.

@GOHLSquad#43770 lol I had a 15 minutes conversation with him at 3 am Indian time I was pretending to be from the “Local US Security Service”,and that their number got reported on our website 4 times. So our company gave him a call :smiley:

Line stills works?

no they hangup when ever u call they answer then hangup

@loothemaxdie#44110 Yeah I had the same issue lmao

yup they’ve given up. the line gets picked up then dropped.

@GOHLSquad#43770 LOL, what a wasting time xdd