+234 703 607 1750 Fake job offer through whatsapp

Scam Number: +234 703 607 1750
Additional information about this scam: She writes in spanish and goes by the name of Cristiana, saying she’s from the human resources department of a digital agency named Capuccino, then she gives the specifications of the job, asks if you have YouTube and Telegram, and if you’re older than 25. The job consists in subscribing to YouTube channels, she gave me a “training task”, telling me to go to the amazon official channel, subscribe to it and then send a screenshot to prove it.
I did the task to see what happens next. After sending her the screenshot, she started to talk in english for some reason, she said this:
+234 703 607 1750: Good job
+234 703 607 1750: This is your verification code: BV- HP- MD07- 9764
+234 703 607 1750: PAYMENT TASK :

Task > 2

This is how we pay you :

  1. Open Telegram and search this username :@Radiam102

+234 703 607 1750: 2. After you add our Receptionist: Kindly send to the Receptionist your bank transfert and your verification code and send me a screenshot to confirm your payment.
+234 703 607 1750: Kindly send me the screenshot of your message to her
+234 703 607 1750: She will pay you 10 as your training bonus and assist you to start work immediately.

I don’t have telegram so I won’t continue, but this is clearly a scam.