(214) 432-8934 ssa

Scammer’s Number: (214) 432-8934
Domains Used:
Extra Info:SSA silent bold = loop 101#-105#


I was able to troll David Black for on the other 214 number for a good while lol. The call dropped, and he called me back on (210) 891-5500.

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(214) 432-8934 At 11:24 am central, the number is not in service when calling from my Unknown Number VOIP.
From the TextNow number, (214) 432-8934 rings and then the call drops, and I could not press zero and then try to loop with 101# - 105#. Maybe I am too late, or maybe they will start answering again the 214 432 8934.

11:25 am central 210 891 5500 I am calling from my TextNow number … it’s ringing … ringing … ringing … I got a voicemail machine and I left a message. It did not seem like a generic TextNow voicemail machine. I left a message.

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Either parked or down i hoarded them hard

Great job, @Draco et al !!!

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(214) 432-8934. Number is RIP/DEAD.

857-347-4047. Support scammer. Active

Hoarding them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

857-347-4047 12:04 pm central, this # is answering!

The (818) 650-3988 Tech Support - Apple Scam phone number is answering also in case anybody is interested in calling it.

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