(210) 948-7455 textnow SSA from BOBrtc

Scammer’s Number: (210) 948-7455
Domains Used:
Extra Info:… Got voice message both times
2diff phones … I dunno … Shit.

4:20 PM Central 210 948 7455 It is ringing … ringing … ringing … The TextNow message machine came on! So this is a TextNow number. I left of course a nasty message!


Rang a half dozen times, and then went to voicemail as of 2:56 PM PST.

5:13 PM Central I just called to leave another nasty message. Wait, it says “It is not a valid number” now. Maybe the TextNow number of the scammer can block Unknown Number.

I’m trying now from my TextNow number the TextNow 210 948 7455 … Yes, I got the TextNow message machine of the scammer and left another “friendly” message. Ha!

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