(205) 634-1467‬ Cancel Subscription

Scammer’s Number: (205) 634-1467‬
Domains Used:
Extra Info: Today my VOIP number received a call and phone message at 2:22 PM Central. The message was 21 seconds long and was basically “If you want to cancel the subscription, please press 1 or call live representative at (205) 634-1467.”

I am calling now … Guy answered …

It is Cancellation Dept of Windows Service. The subscription cost $399.99 for 3 years. I said I think I will cancel it. I do not want to renew it I said.

He will send me a cancellation form. I need to do it on PC.

Press Ctrl and R at same time. He wants me to go to www.bit.do/82009

I am creating this thread and will continue with him.

Don’t even go there!

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Yeah, I did not go actually to the webpage. I do not have a VM, so I just wasted a bit more of his time by saying when he kept asking “What do you see” that I see the little circle thing going around and around, and he said “Okay, let me know when you get there” and after he kept asking now and again what I see I said, “Oh, finally I got the page that has some stuff on it.” He asked, “What does it say? What you see?”

I said I see the video I took of the bleeding rectum of your mother’s fat brown ass when I paid her 5 measly Rupees on G.B. Road in Delhi to [email protected] her ass and that [email protected] means in case you do not know that I did NOT use lubrication, hence the bleeding rectum of your mother who is a cheap whore. 5 Rupees is a measly 13 cents approximately!

He did not respond but just hung up.

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:joy: :rofl: :sweat_smile: You must’ve stunified him!

I have an old laptop that has Windows 7. It is slow but still works. I do not use it usually of course as I have a newer laptop.

I was thinking of using my old laptop to get on it VMWare on it and some free VPN. I am not the most savvy though with this kind of stuff, and I would need IF I CAN INSTALL all of the stuff successfully to learn how to go into the Registry and hide that there is a virtual machine and do all of that other stuff to make the virtual machine seem like it is a person’s realistic computer, et cetera.

I keep thinking about it but I have yet to put the time into it actually. If I were to have a virtual machine set up correctly and realistic looking and all of that, I could bait them long enough maybe to get onto my VM but once they are on my virtual machine I would lose interest and want to start calling and harassing other scammers.

With people in the Mosh Pit who use VMs, they have said though that once the scammer is on it the scammer keeps busy and the baiter does not need necessarily to be speaking constantly.

There are free open source files for bankboga fake banking software, but could I set up and modify as necessary the fake bank software?

I am hesitant to try with my newer laptop to put virtual machine/vpn on it JUST IN CASE I mess up and the scammer messed up my laptop. If I were to lose so to speak the old Windows 7 laptop, it would not be a big deal to me.

I’m on the road right now observing some NCAA umpires, but when you want to talk I can get you set up with all that. When they connect to my VM, my agenda is to get their “customer” data and feed it to my gov. sources. I also encourage them to take a folder from my desktop which contains Memz that I’ve re-coded to execute upon opening…it’s legal as long as they take it. Most aren’t astute enough to image back-up everyday.

Cool! You INFECT them!

Lol, so to speak. I like to say they infect themselves by swiping my “banking info” folder :wink: