2 Numbers (May not work)

18444047862 (Said due to the amount of calls we probably will never answer. Here’s some terrible music while you wait. Started playing a song that goes "Cold hard cash it’s what I want it’s what I need. Then says were not taking messages and hangs up) Now it says can’t be reached from calling area.)

18882448360 (Infinite ringing) (EDIT: GOT AN ANSWER) But ugh they wanted to call back

Both are from fake pop ups


Okay, so it seems when you and someone else call the second number listed you get put into a conference call with the other person. I don’t know if you and another person have to call at the same time or if the “tech support” people purposely transfer you together or something? IDK if maybe the scammers overhear the call or what, but I was talking to someone for about 15 mins or so (very chill guy) and we were wondering how we got connected together. He said that it might have been a glitch in the system etc. but i really think they are doing this on purpose. This a great way to talk to community and share different methods of baiting. If this still works give it a try and see if you get connected with someone! (be sure not to talk about any personal info with others because the calls could be listened too)

You mean recorded?

zeus has infected your pc -Scammers 2k17

Just called the 2nd number right away i was in a conference call

This is cool. I met a dude named Kam who was scambaiting also. Kam, you said you had an account here, holla at ye boi!