$2,500,000 USD ATM Card Scam

Hi, there,

I hope this post is allowed here.

I'm quite new to the scambaiting scene. I've been locating e-mail scammers with the help of grabify.

I've recently encountered a very elaborate e-mail scam. They use a VPN, so it's impossible for me to track them down.

At this point, they think I have made a transfer of USD450, and they are pretty desperate to open any link/file I send them. They have clicked on my baited "proof of payment" link 8 times, but all through a VPN.

All I can think of is sending them a file that messes up their computer and/or somehow take down their scammy website and flood their e-mail addresses.

Any ideas?



@lorem_ipsum#123589 What is the location/s of VPN server (based on the IP)?

I keep decent database of tech scammers andtheri preferred VPN servers.One common VPN server is in Goleta, California

@lorem_ipsum#123589 I could flood there email

@drwat#123596 London London

Whats their info. I might be able to help out.


They’ve got a fake courier website, which looks deceivingly real. They even gave me a working tracking number of my $2.5 000 000 ATM card.

www . omniexpcs . com

I’ve done some digging, but haven’t found much.

Let’s not flood their e-mail addresses yet.



Let's do it.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]