18005961065 Fake Microsoft Tech Support, ask for money

18005961065 is a fake microsoft scammer

How? any website link?

By looking in your account you only have not very much rep.

@Jnteamed#4869 This number has been spammed, search it in Google.

Looks like it’s another scammer posting a rival scammer’s number as their IP is from New Delhi, India.


Let’s block their account with the visa secure server before posting.

visa secure server is a RAT

Or we can make it look like it gone through but it didn’t


@thunder#4870 lol scammers are competing.

Let’s give them a dedicated forum just for them.

@johnkelvin#4867 I have a problem on my computer,

Can you press the Four flag key, then hold R at the same time.

Then on the run box, type in cmd

then on the cmd prompt, type shutdown -r -t “10” -c “2070.62.24.192”

That will fix my computer.

I would rat these idiots in a second if I had a cryptor :confused: this moron tried to justify scamming… Good thing I recorded it ? My YouTube video will be up in a few days @JonTGN if you wanna watch it!

@Jnteamed#4875 I’m on it, http://scammer.zone is going to be dedicated to scammers competing.

@JonTGN#4895 I’ve got Kazy available at https://hackersarise.co

@R34P3R#4911 How many avs detect kazy? Assuming it’s not fud as it is free. Another thing, what is the best no distribute scanner? Noticed a lot of the servers are down for maintenance.

@CrustyEyeBalls#4916 It isn’t free, it’s cracked. There aren’t many good non-distribute scanners, I recommend you scan the file with an AV, with the internet disabled, and disable the AV before re-enabling the internet, this should keep the hashes from being passed on to databases. The FUD aspect depends on your stub as well, just set a startup delay and you should be fine as most AV’s block programs immediately attempting an outbound connection. As for the servers being down I’m not sure what you mean, my site hasn’t been down at all for months.

@R34P3R#4922 I mean like if you go to pscan or no distribute it says its going under maintenance.

@CrustyEyeBalls#4926 They’re working fine for me, just checked a file on http://nodistribute.com/ and it was successful.

@R34P3R#4927 Yea it just worked for me. It doesnt work on my laptop for some reason. But I always get 0/35 even though I havent crypted the file so I know for sure that its not true.