12-26-2016 - Apple Support Scam

"Warning Safari Crashed!! Your Apple Device May Have Adware/Spyware Virus."

**Screenshot:** ``https://u.nya.is/umrxrb.png``
**Website:** ``http://safari-get.com/``
**Number:** +18008766855

The popup tries to loop compose several e-mails with an email client (if installed on the computer). **If you have an e-mail client on your host machine, don't open this popup as it WILL attempt to lag out your computer.**

i played all star to them and the reaction was amazing, one started to sing and beatbox (it was horrible

This number still works! I called them multiple times, they basically ask you to download a fake 40$ iPhone “antivirus” and also ask for your credit card details… After that, I repeatedly called them and trolled them, once I played All Star and one started swearing like crazy with ridiculous swear words… Soo funny…