$100 Reward Voucher Scam



Cold-call. Works on FireRTC

awsome number, having lots of fun right now with those fools hahahaaa


i press 1 like they say i should, and instantly hangs up the call every time…

@Divad_98#11806 Either it’s dead or they’re not in the office right now

@Divad_98#11806 It works now

@etnguyen03#11809 Instantly hangs up for me also

@Flinty94#11810 Have you changed your number? (FireRTC)

941 222 0407 call Lisa now!

How does this scam work?

Are they just running off with the $5 printing/postage fee or would they charge lots more $$$ to someones credit card?

@AussieScamBuster#11824 I think they just charge tons of money to the card.


“If you call the number, you’ll be asked to provide your credit card number, supposedly to cover shipping or processing fees of $6.95 or less,” the North Carolina attorney general’s office posted in an advisory online. “But once you’ve shared your credit card number, there’s little to stop the group behind the post cards from racking up more charges on your account. Consumers who’ve fallen for the scam report being charged up to $100 at once, or finding smaller charges appear on their bill each month.”


Works great

Best way to have fun is to learn the Indian language and try using it

My favorite is Pyaar Karana

“PR KaNal” Make love

Google whatever word you want to learn

@JhonnyAppleSeed#11832 That makes no sense. Also I’m pretty sure that it’s spelled Johnny.

You mix your English with Hindu and they will get the joke

They have given me a number to call back


For the example above you would say “me and your sister were PR KaNal and she says hi”

Another example when they ask you your first and last name.. then you say Bada dik which is Big Dick

Another example when they ask you your first and last name… then you say Bada dik which is Big Dick

Combine posts please @JhonnyAppleSeed#11844


Sorry guy new to all this

I’ll get the hang of it

gave me 3 numbers to call




@etnguyen03#11783 what’s a good sounding claim number.??