1(888‒765‒7067) quickbooks support scams

Scam Number: [1(888‒765‒7067
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888-765-7067 Allen. Wednesday 9-28-22 1:01PM EST

He told me that he enjoys stealing from us dumb Americans. I asked if he had any moral compass at all and he said no. I called him evil and he called me dumb bitch. His name Peter.


I love how you said “Stupid Americans” when he’s not even stealing from victims

He called me back and I was 10 year old Zoe who he decided to talk sexually to. Again, they are monster.

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:flushed::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I can’t even…
On a bright note, I’ll be picking up my bundle of joy in a few hours :hugs::sparkling_heart:


Yup, he was disgusting. Zoe had no idea what he was saying so he went into graphic detail to what he thought was a kid. They really do not deserve to live. I keep calling back as Zoe and each one I talk to is more disgusting than the last.


I hold nothing back on subhuman scumbags like that. I am a peaceful guy, but I could literally beat someone like that to death, with my bare hands. And then go get ice cream and $hit.
I’m excited and I’m going to drive you crazy with pics!! :grin:

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I could also torture them to death starting with bamboo under their fingernails and into their ears.
Oh, Alan tried to scam Zoe and told her to steal her mother’s credit card out of her drawer.
Burning alive is too good for these animals.

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Well, I hope they enjoy what is headed their way. I reached out to a friend, they are getting abused, and someone just started up their flooder and is “slowly adding more and more calls”
A tsunami is headed their way right now…:laughing:

go down

Fake people asking for Account access

just called this number and its active it’s working = 888-765-7067