+1-888-4140-186 Turkish Airlines

Scam Number: 1-888-4140-186
Domain Used: Turkish Airlines +1-888-4140-186 Flight Booking Number | NextPit Forum
Extra Info: I found this earlier this morning while searching google for scam numbers. The forum seems to have many posts like this that repeat key words over and over (for seo i guess?) There’s quite a few numbers listed on this forum but I haven’t tried calling all of them yet so good luck to anybody else who wants to search this gold mine. A woman picked up at the Turkish Airlines one but she wasn’t too happy with me lol

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still active

how it possible to generate fake pnr he created for me

Apparently, they are also " JetBlue Airlines flight change department" JetBlue Airlines ??+1(888)4140-186? flight change department Number
URL already reported.