+1-850-789-2077 Elderly mother was scammed thru this Wells Fargo bank login

Scammer’s Number: 1-850-789-2077
Domains Used: https://sites.google.com/wellsfargologinusa.com/wellsfargologins/home
Extra Info: Fake Azure login page never seems to appear when banks are closed (Eastern time) and instead links to real Wells Fargo login. Sometimes it links to real Wells Fargo login during banking hours.

My elderly mother was scammed trying to login to her bank. Multiple phone numbers after initial call. Installed AnyDesk on desktop and phone, several crypto currency apps. Got driver’s license, SSN, bank card.

Learned that old phone number was with different telecommunications company. Old telecom informed me that new number is with in Onvoy LLC /Inteliquent

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