1 (844) 892-6677

Seeing as there is no post for this number yet ill make one.

This is a student load scam hosting within the US.

I called them several times asking their legitamate company name and have yet to get a proper response.
They seem legit but they are actually spamming my personal phone with voicemails

BobRTC: https://bobrtc.live/phonebook/dial/18448926677

If this number appears to be double posted please remove my post and carry on :)
I did search to try and find an official post and only found comments. This post is for bobrtc.

Feel free to steal the xp on bobrtc and add this posts link to its page!

Happy Scambaiting!

Stated they enjoy scamming people, called back, offices closed. I don’t think its caller ID due to the fact I am using BobRTC.