+1 (802) 302 3688 Norton Refund Scammers

Scam Number: (802) 302 3688
Scammer’s Website or Email: carehelp.cc
Additional information about this scam: Norton refund scammers, ready to scam the last money in the account of a 78 year old man with cancer. Absolte scumbags, do your worst people!

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These guys are active i said thanks for calling carehelp.cc my name is mike how may i help u and they hung up have fun with this one :slight_smile:

802-302-3688 MaleChode Tuesday 11-15-22 3:16PM EST

Norton callback
218 208-6270

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They are raging mad :joy:
(802) 302 3688


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Watch this video…same call center

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The number is disconnected now LOL

Same scammers. Watch