1-800-488-5392 Tech Support Scam

Link was found from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhMvPXoBtQ4

I just called and they are answering at the time of this post.


It looks like this channel is used pretty consistently to post new phone numbers. Seems like a good source for fresh numbers.


LOL I called him and my voice acting skills are rusty but the laziest scammer!!

FireRTC Phone call recording with +1 800-488-5392

They are Indian scammers. This 1-800-213-3740 also connects to them.



Toll Free USA: +1-800-488-5392 1-800-213-3740

Toll Free UK: +44-800-046-5216

Toll Free AU: +61-180-0954262

on them…

FireRTC Phone call recording with +1 888-441-2144 Gave him a call and wasted his time for two hours, its priceless he was on the phone with me for this long until the long silence after the reveal to the point I felt the disappointment in him after he hung up the call.


Apparently, they are from Noida, India

Ah shit it those guys 1-800-488-5392 lol i blocked me over 5 times, and knew that im coming again with a good German folk song :wink: