+1 800-204-4122 Yet another tech support scammer

Works on Skype and I’ve milked an hour of content from these scammers with a few friends already.

he straight up insulted me and called me worthless with no job. Still a student tho so…

“The user you are trying to reach is unavailable”

@nepeat#8832 what did u say to him?

Number works. I told him I’m getting a blue screen error that says “You’re a bunchod” he called me a stupid fucking american.

They call me a bitch saying my mom is fucking them right now LOL .

i kept calling that number and the last time i did the guy tried to syskey me but i deleted it for my virtualbox they then changed their number i think

I get so much out of these guys it’s so funny

I let him connect to my computer (VM) and I got ip.

@Pcant#9868 what his ip

This scammer has more toll free numbers:

USA 1800-690-9617 Australia +611800954262



(this website belongs to the same scammers in India)

@drwat#29909 whoa these scammers are from technocare

@RamanRoy#29911 Yep, +1 on TechnoCare Technologies.

@Markiemm#29916 hahaha wow you guys made them temporarily quit. Good work boiis


My voice was a bit odd but it's aight.

I kept getting “John” it was great.

It keeps saying unavailable so I think I “won”

“The number you have dialed is not in service” (For 1800-690-9617) Clap Clap