1,500 Members Milestone

Thank you each and everyone in helping us reach 1,500 members!

Here, have a video of me singing a MAX CROSS song.

Almost 1,000 on discord


But the ads?

@Jnteamed#10325 Only source of revenue for the site. I find it perfectly acceptable to use ads to help cover server costs.

Ok, That is perfectly acceptable.

Awesome. Hopefully we get 2,000 users soon.

@R34P3R#10327 How much revenue does the site actually get from ads? I’m sure some users use adblock extensions, admittedly myself included. Doesn’t seem like the revenue would be enough to keep the site up imo

@iCe#10334 I use ublock origin, mainly because I don’t want to be hit with a 0day by some low quality advertiser.

I'm sure this would make more money than ads if properly placed: https://www.patreon.com/scams

@iCe#10334 Not enough to fund the entire server, but enough to make a difference when it comes to keeping the resources needed to run the site.

@thunder#10316 If you need a bit of help with web hosting… I can help with local server. We are trying to get revenues from scammers.

@R34P3R#10341 Now I feel obligated to disable my Ublock Origin and I will.

@thunder#10363 How much would you charge for adspace?

@memes#10371 Honestly don’t know, haha. I’ve been thinking about letting people buy adspace though.

I might have the adspace be a link to youtuber.com or something.

@thunder#10374 I’d be willing to buy adspace as well to support the site