1-386-381-1335 windows pop up scammers

Scam Number: 1-386-381-1335

Scammer’s Website or Email: Redirecting...
Additional information about this scam: windows pop up scammers

386-381-1335 Nathan. Friday 9-23-22 1:00PM EST

(888) 276-0087
Now they are live on this tfn ,these scammers are huge in numbers,getting different different voices while calling them . Scamming by taking payment from cash app

(888) 276-0097


We need to block their website by reporting on Google.These scammers keep on changing their number and scamming by taking gift cards

(888) 394-0411

These scammers are live on this url and number ,scamming by taking gift cards .we need to remove them

You can report the URL here: Report spam in a business site - Google Business Profile Help

yaa i already reported,need to report them from different different ips then only google will shut down their website

They do not take immediate action.

I always report these to Google, eventually they will do something.

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