1-302-450-1440 a tech support scam


Represent all companies in existence I think.

They like to advertise on video sharing platforms like Dailymotion and YouTube, but their content is atrocious and is easily reported and taken down. Bravo to Dailymotion for removing all scam content (report one video and the channel of 25 vids goes down) and to YouTube to a lesser extent as they don’t seem to receive my reports on channels so I have to report each video.

Here’s “Harry Jon’s” YouTube channel:

@Telescope#148884 Verified 1324 CT USA. I asked for a website and he said hellosuport.com. Nope, no such thing.

Called, said I had a popup and called that number but it didn’t work so I called them instead, and the first guy said I will call you back, I just called them 2 mins later described issue to second guy who said it was a scam and I bluntly said, so are you. I am surprised they passed up the opportunity to get access to my computer (VM)

They pick up quick. Lol he says he is not a scammer.

YouTube channel is down.





Still active, can anyone get this down

I’m not sure who’s reporting the channels to take them down, but thank you as me reporting the channels do not get them down for some odd reason.

And for a new refreshed look of their videos...
(A good effort as they added the phrase “tech support” on their video, but I’m still reporting it as laughable quality).