0% interest loan - Consumer Rights Organization

Scam Number: 302-206-3383
Scammer’s Website or Email: They wouldn’t provide it.
Additional information about this call: My call filter blocked the call but they left this voicemail:
“Attention. This is to inform you that you are eligible to get a 0% interest rate on all your existing credit card accounts with the credit Bureau if you’re interested please give us a call back immediately you could be reached we could be reached at the Direct Line 302-206-3383 again that’s 302-206-3383 or just call back the number on your caller ID thank you and have a wonderful day bye for now.”

I called them back from my voip number and they ask for my CC number. I tried to get some type of email or website but all they gave me was creditcards.com so unless I give them a valid CC there’s no way to find the source of this company or who they’re selling the leads to.
Has anyone used this site to generate a CC # that will pass their check? https://www.getcreditcardnumbers.com/

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Same old Pakistani credit card scammers.