Zelle scam (855) 994-3260, (845) 321-5260 "249.99"

Scam Number: (855) 994-3260, (845) 321-5260
Scammer’s Website or Email: tphelp.info
Additional information about this scam: I received this today.

Thanks for signing up!

jason [email protected]

Friday, May 10, 2024 6:21:33 AM


Thanks for signing up, [email protected]!

Thanks for signing up,[email protected] !
Welcome to Zelle !

We have successfully processed your request to open your Zelle Business account. Your account is now verified using your Social Security Number (SSN), enabling you to seamlessly accept credit card payments. A merchant fee of $249.99 has been debited from your checking account, and you can expect to see this reflected on your bank statement within 48 hours.

If you did not initiate the process to open a Zelle Business account, please contact us immediately, as this may indicate a potential case of identity theft. We appreciate your choice in Zelle .

For further assistance, please reach out to us at the following numbers:

Zelle Business


[email protected], jacksonville,




855-994-3260 Friday 5-10-24 12:01PM EST


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Just posting to show they are scamming, no matter the carrier:
Vocaroo | Online voice recorder

18453215260 is showing up as a T-Mobile number but they’re answering as “cancellation department”. Number definitely belongs to a scammer or scam centre.

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I’m super puzzled by that.

There is one other time have talked to a scammer who has used (and still is using) an actual us based cell carrier.

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It seems common for PCH, odd for a refund scam. It could’ve been bought via a reseller who’s buying numbers from T-Mobile

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Again, femscammer trying to scam a 14 year old girl out of money. She actually told me to steal money from my parents or I would be arrested for fraud.

Yikes, that’s something. I’m on the phone with T-Mobile now, they confirmed it is an account registered with them. Of course they cannot give any info and the rep said for me to “go to the police and file a report” LOL

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HAHAHA! The police. If you came to me with this when I was a cop, I would have said So what do you want me to do about it? Bye!

I have had them try to scam me when they thought I was blind, in a wheelchair, with cancer.


LOLOL!!! @JusticeinTexas
Exactly, it’s ridiculous how large telecoms/carriers/networks are so unaware on what to do when it comes to fraud. All I wanted was their fking email so that I could send the recording and the fake invoice so they could SEE the number being used for fraud. No crime was committed but they suggest I go to the police?!?

I asked for a supervisor at T-Mobile and the supervisor said that the number WAS with them previously and has been recycled to another carrier, she could not see which carrier it was but it showed up in their systems as ‘pre-paid’.
So who knows!

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The police can and may not do anything. Anything with a phone or computer is exclusive jurisdiction of the feds.
Local cops can’t enforce federal law


I told him I saw a photo if him and his girlfriend on the Internet. VAT??? Yes, she is a very lovely goat. How much did you pay for her?


And even then, you know I’ve thought about that a lot because whenever I have contacted a phone carrier for something similar, they have suggested me going to the police. I just want to shut the phone down, not waste resources from LE.

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When the femscammer answered I said I didn’t know that goats could talk. They are big mad!


845-321-5260 Still Active David Monday 5-13-24 5:41PM EST

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845-321-5260 Still Active Tuesday 5-14-24 1:56PM EST

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845-321-5260 Still Active Wednesday 5-15-24 12:06PM EST

Carrier Email: [email protected]

845-321-5260 Still Active Daniel Thursday 5-16-24 11:41AM EST

845-321-5260 Still Active Friday 5-17-24 10:50AM EST