Zelle Scam / 1 (855) 785-2412

still active ‪(858) 206-0620‬

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They have a new number, listed today on their website - (800) 381-3345 active 11:30am EST.

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Peter Tuesday 9-19-23 11:31AM EST

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new number (888) 278-8102


Sam Wilson Tuesday 9-19-23 11:49AM EST


For the first time I am calling. After a bunch of rings my TextNow call finally showed “Unable to complete your call. Please try again.”

I’ll try again soon. I have a window of opportunity today to mess with some criminals!

I just tried a second time to call and it is ringing.
Oh, “Eric” at Zelle just answered! I just asked if his name has a c or a k. This confused him it seems BUT he spelled it E r i c and I said, "Okay, sometimes Eric ends in a c and sometimes the name Erik ends with a K.
He sounds tired.


Female chode answered (888) 278-8102 “says she had some problems with verification of my account - have to get you connected to the secure server . . . what we need to do is connect you to a completely secure server.” She asks for downlaod of Anydesk, but only on a phone . . . audio attached.

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New Number - (430) 303-0205, they use as a call back, checked back, they answer as “Zelle Customer Support”. Female chode active 10:41pm EST.

(430) 303-0205


also active at night - (800) 381-3345, active at 10:45pm, Scott is answering, he seems to work all day long! LOL


800-381-3345 Tuesday 9-19-23 10:47PM EST


(888) 278-8102 …

For the first time today I called and I am on phone now with foreign guy. He answered as ZELLE.

A woman answered and went by the name Patricia though she pronounced her fake name Patreesha.


(888) 278-8102 Patreeeza also answered for me - 11:40am EST


888-278-8102 Sam Wednesday 9-20-23 11:46AM EST


Harry must not like Woman. I asked If he wanted to go party with two, and he slammed the phone down. So that’s his loss.


I have cased the joint and there’s three working, Sam, Harry and Patricia


Okay, I have logged in again. Something came up and I had to deal with it, so I logged out and dealt with it.

(888) 278-8102 … Since just now logging back in today, I just called and Eric answered.

I said, “Hello, gaping stinking sphincter. How are you today?”

Eric: “Excuse me, what?”

Why do you not know English if you are trying to defraud people in English, you gaping stinky sphincter?

Eric: “What you mean?”

Do you not know what a sphincter is? Do you not know what rectum is? Do you not know what an anus is, Eric you stupid criminal?

Eric: I don’t understand. This is Zelle.

Do you not understand what the adjectives gaping and stinky mean? I am not surprised since you do not know what a sphincter is.

Then he stopped talking but just let the call continue in silence for about 8 or 10 minutes and I stopped talking during the silence. He must have hung up finally.

What, did he leave the call going for awhile to consult his criminal colleagues as to what the words gaping, stinky, and sphincter mean?

These criminals do not seem to be seasoned scammers. They seem to be newbies, or freshers in other words.

It is hard to get 'em to cuss me though. Okay, I will continue to harass 'em with the hopes that at least one of them will explode in rage at me.

Along with an Eric, I just got a Nancy on another call.


New Number - ‪(618) 552-9753‬
They are on call-back strategy, they called back one of my nubmers and then I phoned and got Harry on one of my other numbers. wow these guys are bad at this. @morpheus175 @FIREFIGHTER619 @Hviezdoslav @fermen


618-552-9753 Harry Wednesday 9-20-23 2:31PM EST


Yes, I have noticed that after awhile getting baited and/or harassed on their toll-free number, they stop answerin’ it and call back from numbers that are NOT toll-free.

  • Phone Number: ‪618-552-9753‬
  • Date of this Report: September 20, 2023
  • Phone Line Type: VOIP
  • Phone Company: TWILIO
  • Phone Location: SANDOVAL, IL

I’m on this phone number like a red-tailed hawk on a half-dead rabbit!

Okay, I just called ‪618-552-9753‬ for the first time. After a few rings, a guy answered with a very tired and unenthusiastic hello.

I said in a friendly tone of voice, “Hello.”

He did not reply. He has not hung up though.

The counter of this phone call that is just silence after I replied “hello” is over two minutes now.

No wait, at 2 minutes and 49 seconds he hung up the call I guess.

Haha, they are surprised sometimes when someone calls their callback number.


(800) 338-6205 still active