WTF was this email supposed to do, and can we gain any secrets from it?

Scam Number: not-offered
Domain Used: email
Extra Info: see image:

“We have UREA,JP54,LNG,LPG,D6,D2,ESPO,LCO etc.s, kindly reply to enable us issue SCO”

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Looks like one of those import/export brokerage scams. I found this from 4 years ago and looks like the same thing, but in greater detail:

Note the line that says:
“Provide your official email or contact us via email to enable us issue our official soft corporate offer (SCO).

This explains the scam:


Those are all petroleum stock market commodities and the term SCO is also a stock market term.
SCO and FCO stand for Soft Corporate Offer and Full Corporate Offer.
JP54 is aviation fuel (kerosene)
LNG is Liquified Natural Gas
LPG is Liquified Petroleum Gas
D6 is diesel oil
ESPO is the Eastern Siberia Pacific Ocean oil pipeline which exports of crude oil from Russia to the Asian Pacific markets
etc etc…

I know what most of this is because of my engineering/toolmaking design trade, quality systems engineering and auditing and polymer technician qualifications.
These petrochemical commodities are used in the manufacture of many things including fertilisers and most engineering grade thermoplastics.

Sounds like real rubbish to me if it’s a scam.
Extreme overkill to the average person who would have no idea of what any of that even is.
Very strange. :thinking:


Money Laundering and Fraud via Energy securities… Oh My Lordie, I have never