Wrong Reviews and is all monopoly

# whosoever is managing the scammer.info seems have nothing to do but to do scam themselves. You guys are listing companies who ate genuine due to copied content of then by other companies and numbers on their Website. You guys are ruining genuine companies by posting their names. This step will makes mess with numbers and due to which customers who have paid for the services will get screwed up as the number may get suspended or agents may fail to answer them what was committed in service. Request you to remove the companies whom you have listed in scam list which is actually not the fact.


1) There are moderators like me on the forum, we do review numbers and we are certainly no scammers. How would we earn money from this?

2) Give example/proof of legit numbers being posted. I happily review and remove them if I find them to be legit companies.

3) Why don’t you flag numbers yourself? Everyone in this community has a duty to report legit numbers as we are not always online so if you flag it then we moderators can see the notification and review it aswell.

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You're a dumb cunt if you just rant without any proof.

We received email about this, he’s talking about this thread. Cross-linking for my own reference: https://scammer.info/d/19886-tech-scam-1-877-503-2424

When it comes to tech support, is there a guideline as to what constitutes a scam?

I mean, one wouldnt be entirely wrong listing Apple Support as a scam considering how much they charge for repairs and how they will tell you your mac is unfix-able, or charge you $1000 for a new motherboard when really its a simple $50 repair job to replace a ribbon cable.

There seems to be a fair number of tech support sites that offer virus removal / tune up etc services, who may or may not be competent, may or may not overcharge, may take advantage of the fear created by popups and malware posted by others, but if they are not advertising themselves on fake popups, or falsely claiming to be microsoft/samsung/whatever, how do you determine its a scam, or just a waste of money?

Personally, I try to focus only the scams that are scams beyond any reasonable doubt, the ones that put their phone numbers on the fake popups, or call you claiming to be Microsoft. The rest, that quickly becomes grey area, so im just curious what the site policy is.

@Vertigo#91248 That is true indeed.

But most scammers have kinda “clean” looking websites where they offer 3rd party support and SEO blast the shit out of it. Like they have a page called “Canon Printer Support” and then another page called “Lexmark Printer Support” etc. Not a scam per se but not necessarily looking legit either.

That’s just the website but usually they’re buying popup calls etc. I don’t really know any legit tech support that doesn’t buy popup calls or runs its own campaign. Apart of industry giants such as Infosys who’s dealing only with business customers I think.

They took down the sites so we cannot check them and verify. That already tells me a lot :P

@NeeP#91250 Can this guy has the red sign on his profile? After looking at the websites, I don’t think there’s a proof required to prove it’s not a scam.

@sandy11candy89#91221 you ok sir? i can hear the indian tech support background noises

@sandy11candy89#91221 You’re not ICANN, so fuck off.

You are also probably a scammer yourself.
So shoo, be gone before I use Scammeraway

You beat me to it. Well, you posted it before me. I was still reading the BBB reviews :slight_smile:

Also, you posted a picture, but the links on that site still work. Case in point:


TBH, Im not entirely sure what he was looking for there? Lead generators?

And just in case anyone had any doubts. I glanced over mygeeksworld.com.

The “team” with the non existing linkedin links is of course, straight from shutterstock. Here is their technical manager moonlighting as model :wink: :


Maybe I should let shutterstock know their images are being abused for commercial purposes, as the resolution shows they clearly didnt buy the originals...

Here is the CFO:

More fun, 3 of the 4 managers also appear on this site:

So that is probably also a scam site somehow? The link could just be whoever made the site though. Still, curious lol.

@Vertigo#91278 You should report to Shutterstock. Nobody has the right to steal photos like that. You also have the address of this guy posted on this thread, so they can know who it is.

@sandy11candy89#91221 seems have nothing to do but to do scam themselves.

Spoken like a Level2 Scam Tech who has experience using that tired old line.

These knuckleheads think they can pretend to be legitimate and try to stop those who expose them, by shuffling around domains and numbers, changing a few names and poof they are invisible....... they are wrong!

@Markiemm#91272 “whosoever is managing the scammer.info seems have nothing to do but to do scam themselves”

Ohh boii. Good find. Or should I say good job finding a genuine company which is not a scam, scammer. (Sarcasm)

P.S. sandycandy, fuck you.

“Saptak Ghosh” - Sack tap… Gosh!

It was a scammer to me the moment they said messing with numbers will confuse customers, or "agents" providing them support. Their post was horrible and hard to decipher of course, but remote techs are not called "agents" and this is exactly how they whine when they're desperate or angry toward scambaiters. Good job.

@Markiemm#91357 what was his ID??

@sandy11candy89#91221 why you silent now? Scared to talk?


He now knows his little scare tactics don’t work on people who know all about their scamming techniques, so he is hiding in his dirt hole all embarrassed from failure.

@Markiemm#91425 “sandy11candy89” this one rofl

@sandy11candy89#91221 Who tole you dis???