Wow, I learned a lot about our Government that I did not know!

773-649-6386 – Spoke to a Russian working for the SSA who does not know who Putin is. I learned a lot:

  1. The FEC gives your SSN
  2. The BBB is a federal department
  3. Texas has its own SSA
  4. If they suspend you SSA you lose your citizenship

    And she thought it was great my parents would disown me.

    The second guy sighed a lot when I told him why I could not go to the bank then got frustrated and sent me to the third guy. He yelled at me because of my brother. Then when I called him out he still tried to tell me he was SSA. Yep, for sure and he did not even know why the government was closed down. The first call got cut off by them so I called back and got my Russian lady and she fell for it all. Another funny one.

they told me to get them a google play card, told them I was at a dollar general, and that I bought 4 $50 cards, and they also told me about superheroes

I told them to “renew” my social security number for only the low low price of $200 (which i think you can’t because it is probably higher than that), they told me to go to a store, get a google play card, and an “officer” will come and get the card, and I told them if I could pay it with a credit/debit card, but they said only in the google play card

That was interesting. Yhe “Russian female” was trying to show empathy to you using social engineering > The male scammer was getting frustrated as he could not get his way.

The “Russian female” unconsciously used Hindi word “challo”. She said: …just be aware of these kind calls (referring to ITS scams) ,“Challo!”, right now what ever situation is happening to you (ssa)…

“Challo” means “let us go” but in this context it means “let us proceed further” (or let us come to the point)

Her accent was that of a north east female of Manipur state in India

@drwat#72197 She was trying to sound so nice and sweet. They slip those HIndi words in there but I can always count on you to tell me what they say. I really do appreciate it. I miss you when I don’t see you. I absolutely LOVE making them sigh in frustration because they want that money so badly and think they are going to get it. I prefer it to the swearing. It seems like a lot of hard work to get $400 bucks. ; )