Why I love you guys (and why I want to be one of you)

Hello all! I am a new member to the amazing scambaiting community and I’d like to thank you guys for everything you do. I’m sure most of you don’t care but one year ago I fell for one of these tech support scams while trying to diagnose my mum’s computer, I googled Microsoft support and called a call center where I spoke to a friendly (and extremely pushy) fellow who took control of my mother’s computer. I sat there and watched as he ran event viewer and netstat and being a moron I kept telling my mum it was fine…luckily she took control and kicked the guy off before he could do any real damage but that sent me on a educational journey to learn about these scumbags which led me to youtube videos of scambaiters (I’m sure you know who they are) and eventually led me here! I’ve only been doing this for a few days but once I’m able to set my PC back up I’ll be hitting these scumbags as hard as I can everyday that I can. While it may be hilarious to mess with these idiots I think what you are all doing here is important…you truly are the unsung heroes of the internet so keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more stories and getting more numbers to bombard!

Thanks for reading, sorry if this is too cheesy or anything like that.

Yours truly, Uncle Tony

@Uncletony#80778 No… this is not cheesy, and it’s our pleasure to waste these guys’s time.


Welcome on our forum and in the scambaiting community in general :slight_smile:

That’s quite some story and luckily they didn’t manage to get your cash. Once the cash is gone it’s almost impossible to recover it sadly.

If you want to participate in scambaiting don’t use your real phone to call! Rather sign up at TextNow or Talkatone (both free) and use their website / app to call scammer numbers. Also don’t let the scammers connect to your real computer. Instead you should use a virtual machine, using e.g. VMware or VirtualBox or Hyper-V.

If you need any detailed help or want to chat in general you can head over to our Discord server (link in the header) where there’s always many people online who can assist you with questions or anything.

Cheers and make the scammers' day miserable! :D

@NeeP#80818 Thanks for the advice! I’ve been using TextNow and Freetone as they seem to block a lot of my TextNow numbers. Once I get my PC up and running I’ll be using FireRTC and hopefully recording some of the misery I put them through

Excellent post Uncletony! Like you, I’m new to this group- but I’m not new to Scambaiting. I used to do a lot more with tech support scammers, but now I’m focusing more on IRS, Grant, and other scam/fishing emails. As far as FireRTC, I don’t believe they are accepting any new accounts at this time…but I’m sure there are some alternatives. Another great app is “burner phone” it allows you to use a number, discard it when finished, and set up another. This makes it great for when you are done with a scammer.

Anyway, I'm happy to be here too- and I wish everyone successful scambaiting!

@Darkpancreas#80827 Thank you! And oh? Well that’s a shame about FireRTC, I’ll check out that other one as I’m looking for a easy (and preferably free) way to get a bunch of numbers for when they eventually block mine.

@Markiemm#80941 That would be great to help out the less tech savvy crowd! And here’s an idea: scambaiting Olympics! You could have tons of “sports” like how long you can keep someone on the phone, fastest time to meltdown, fastest time to blocked number, quickest number shut down. We could make a whole day out of it! And once the word got out that people were literally making a sport out of ruining these scumbag’s day then maybe it would dissuade others from joining them