Whatever scam (850) 338-6623

(850) 338-6623 tell me what is it… they are all indians so its a scam or spam … dont hit me with spam that its LEGIT BECAUSE IF THEY ARE CALLING FROM INDIA ITS NOT LEGIT AT ALL

marget what ?

Keep fuck with them good job guys

They’re selling mortgages

Best morgage company

ReFy solutions the 2nd time I called. Lol

3rd time mortgage solutions. Lol

Finance solutions lol

Just had a long talk with a mortgage salesman, the first girl I talked to seemed like she had no clue what she was doing, she kept asking if I was there about every 5 seconds. The second guy I’m not sure about…he never asked for anything but seemed to know where my fake address was

@CrazyMages#80192 The guy that picked up was like sigh and then hung up. I didn’t even say anything to him. He was probably pretty annoyed with you guys lol

Looks like its auto hangup now

@Angeld40#80204 Rube my ass crap suluterimakitchootLOTION

its lower my rate mortgage bollocks now

@CrazyMages#80194 Am spamming them with ear rape and annoying sounds.

@CrazyMages#80192 those guys are trying to explain me that am the scammer and they are the legit company.

Number still answers. Female says “hello” over and over again. Didn’t even ring once and she answered. Could hear other scammers in background.

robo call 850-338-6623 | 18503386623 - Robocaller Warning! - Nomorobo

Indian accent: “Hello can I speak to Norman?..”