Wednesday IRS Scammer 12022396027

Sorry- I thought I had the wrong number posted, but it was correct after all! Enjoy!

@6flagsray#22129 lol I called him and he started in " the reason for this call is to inform you…" and I said “Bruh I am the one that called you!” Then I hear a click


He has been getting very angry at my barrage of sound effect calls today. Happy Valentine’s Day Scammer! :slight_smile:

@6flagsray#22129 I think they went down after I called them 2786 times. He kept hanging up on me after I told him I just wanna be his friend… :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::cry::persevere::persevere::persevere:

Lmk if you get through thx

Yeah, looks like they are down for now… their voice mail is also full. If they do go through them, I hope they enjoy the extended 5 minute “vuvuzela” clip I left for them!

Oh wait- they are back as of 1:25 PM! Hooray!

Edit: And now they are not. Looks like if they get hit too many times they go down temporarily. I'll try back later. I wouldn't want them to start missing me or anything!

Still going this morning as of 8:43 AM. :slight_smile:

Called and they asked what number I received the message on. Gave them my Fire number, “ma’am, we did not call you” and click… buh bye. Another IRS scam keeping track of their robo calls

@theJVTeam#22181 Thanks for the info about them keeping track. I have had to move between FireRTC numbers in order to get a hold of them. They have certainly increased their vocabulary of obscenities since yesterday!