Watts app scam uk hi mum +44 7947 150057

Scam Number: +44 7947 150057 I saved the scammer as aa

I have reported them I have also got there bank details reported to ncsc
The way I spoke was to show how low scammers can be none of what I said was true accept my kids name was lacura and candy I took from hand soap and when they said it was my best son I said Leicester that I got from cheese

[23/11, 21:07] Juniper: Hi
[24/11, 02:51] Aa: Hi mum, how are you x
[24/11, 08:40] Juniper: I didn’t recognise the number is this candy
[24/11, 08:40] Juniper: Or is it lacura?
[24/11, 08:41] Aa: It’s your oldest and favourite :relaxed:
[24/11, 08:42] Juniper: You must be Leicester then lol :laughing:
[24/11, 08:43] Aa: You got it😅
[24/11, 08:43] Aa: How are you
[24/11, 08:43] Juniper: Fie
[24/11, 08:44] Juniper: What you been up to
[24/11, 09:06] Aa: I’ve been stressing really
[24/11, 09:07] Juniper: Why
[24/11, 09:07] Aa: I have couple things that I need to sort out by this afternoon but I can’t because I need my phone to sort it
[24/11, 09:21] Juniper: Okay
[24/11, 09:28] Juniper: I thought this was your phone what you need help with
[24/11, 09:35] Aa: No the situation is fine, it’s what I need to sort out that I need help with
[24/11, 09:39] Juniper: And what do you need help with son
[24/11, 09:42] Aa: I have 2 bills that i have to pay today, but my bank account is frozen for 48 hours because the changing of my phone number for security purposes the bank said
[24/11, 09:42] Aa: So I’m really struggling to find a way to pay them
[24/11, 09:44] Juniper: What are the bills what did you buy
[24/11, 09:44] Aa: It’s just some credit repayments
[24/11, 09:45] Juniper: Ok is it alot
[24/11, 09:50] Aa: No it’s not a lot, it’s £350, I have the amount on my saving account so I will pay you back after 2 days I promise
[24/11, 09:52] Juniper: I can check my account to see what I have got but other wise I’ll have to ask your nan is that ok
[24/11, 09:52] Aa: That’s fine mum
[24/11, 09:53] Aa: Let me know
[24/11, 09:55] Juniper: I’ll have to ask nan you know she is very poorly so I’m not sure she ain’t got long to live as you know but I’ll see what I can do
[24/11, 09:56] Aa: Yeah I know, she’s so poorly. But thank you
[24/11, 09:58] Juniper: She has £300 I’ll have to give the £50 but nan will need it asap
[24/11, 10:00] Aa: Okay yeah that’s fine I can do with that
[24/11, 10:01] Aa: Tell her I will need her details so I can process it
[24/11, 10:11] Juniper: Do you know what bank it’s with
[24/11, 10:11] Aa: No I’m not too sure
[24/11, 10:12] Juniper: Can you check please my bank is asking
[24/11, 10:12] Aa: It doesn’t say, what are the options
[24/11, 10:13] Juniper: It says you need to verify and what is the account bank its going to
[24/11, 10:14] Aa: Is there an option for wired or something like that
[24/11, 10:15] Juniper: No sorry is there another way I can send it to you as without the bank name it won’t let me send over
[24/11, 10:16] Aa: It doesn’t normally ask for the name of the bank when you transfer but okay that’s fine
[24/11, 10:18] Juniper: So what you want to do
[24/11, 10:19] Aa: Can’t you send your card details since you’ve got the money?
[24/11, 10:03] Juniper: If you send your details I can get it send to you she already transferred to me
[24/11, 10:04] Aa: Okay I’m just going to send you the company details so it will go straight there
[24/11, 10:05] Juniper: Yeah no problem

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