Walmart Refund scam - 800 374 0762

Scammer’s Number: 1 800 374 0762
Domains Used: n/a, email
Extra Info: I got the attached email. A clear scam, likely refund scam. I called them and messed with them for a while. Please do the same!

I blacked out the last 5 digits of the order number, just in case it’s somehow linked to my email or something. Just make up 5 digits if they ask for it.

Edit: That name/address is fake. it is not me.

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Answered at 150 EST. Hackers from Nigeria made the order, many ip addresses.

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Is that what the person you called said? What did they want from you?

They wanted the usual…remote access to cancel the order and “refund” my money. Wanted access to my cell phone too per teamviewer.

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Yup, makes sense. Thanks for confirming.

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:+1: Thanks for posting! :ok_hand:

EDIT: From (Bandwidth Support) Sep 16, 2021, 2:21 PM EDT
8003740762 - # cancelled for fraud

Thanks for postin’, @JTDOeUGTeW !!! — I have not seen this particular Walmart emailed refund scam before.

4:09 pm Central, I am calling 800 374 0762 to see if by chance anybody answers, if by chance they have resumed answering. No, it rang once and the call dropped/ended.