Wal-Mart and target gift card voucher 2075500357

They called me this afternoon. They want my first and last name.

Yeah, they charge you $2.95 to activate your “voucher” lol. I hung up on them and they called back with 888-423-7352. This line takes you directly to them without the recording.

FireRTC Phone call recording with +1 207-550-0357

Yeah I gave them all fake info don’t worry. I just wasted their time.

Both numbers they don’t answer. Haha. They got tired of me making up different names when I called.

I guess they are changing the numbers.

207 number works but takes forever to answer. Then they hang up.

Well the 888-423-7352 number still works. But it’s near quitting time for these fools, so no answer.

888 number tells me good bye. Lol

Got to wait until 9am tomorrow to get a hold of them again.

888 number is up and running. I just called.

Just wasted about 15 minutes of their time with fictitious card info and addresses. He ends it by asking, “didn’t you call yesterday? i recognize the voice” lol.

Haha I need a voice changer.

They have firertc blocked. It goes to medical alert thing. Text Now does the voucher.

I’ve called 20 miles giving fake info using the fake address generator. They still don’t know it’s the same person. Haha

Still active