Victim of a fake Romantic Scam

Scam Number: ‪+91 90388 96678‬, +91 82760 37123, ‪+91 74399 02083‬
Scammer’s Website or Email: not available
Additional information about this scam:

I was being tortured by a scammer for money. The person had contacted me on whatsapp and made an nude video call by faking the purpose. He was able to get my face and created a video recording of 40 mins . Now he hacked my facebook and texting the video to all my frnd and relatives for not giving him money.

Initially I paid him $200 but yet he is mentally torturing me for more money .

Seriously I need someones help from the community to teach the scammer a lesson.

Note: I am from India and reported to the respective authority and yet no positive response is taken.

Please help me to get rid from this scammer, he is contacting me with multiple numbers as I am blocking him

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If you can provide me with an associated website or social media accounts, I will investigate. I cannot call Indian numbers, sadly.

+91 90388 96678 Bharti Airtel
Do you know the city / state of this person? His accent like Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati etc? His command of English?

Hi, I didn’t know his accent, as I am from a non-Hindi Region. His English speaking skills were average. They are operating through whatsapp.
They are sending the screenshots of sharing the video to fb friends but when I am checking my friends account for their names, I can’t find any video or new messages recieved to my Friends.

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37123 is potentially spoofed. Here’s the Truecaller info on 2083

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HI, Thanks for your information. I dont’t use truecaller.

The incident had already happened and I want some help in teaching them a lesson or getting rid of them. As they are still contacting me with different different numbers through whatsapp.

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If real name Sonia Singh is a Punjabi (Sikh) female

The name is correct, the chat will be operated by a girl for first 5 mins and later the control will be taken over by a young man. They have multiple numbers with the same girl name

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