Very Active Crypto support Scammer 616 208 3705

anyone here who can shut down their numbers?
first three are active since a long time.

808 800 9223 Active

815 680 0302 Very Active

815 940 2323 Very Active

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0302 is down

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2323 is down got em

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On it

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looks like they all are down now…

thanks a lot @Rlh97 u r a genius

I try haha I know just what to say to scare them! I guess “you have reached the cia fraud division” is enough to freak them

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+1(850)-810-0290 new number.

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I keep getting VM, but I’ll try them later. Good morning and Happy Friday

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They called me back from (712) 350-5620. Good number, they’re answering now.

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at 9:38 am Central … I called this phone number from my TextNow phone number and it rang a few times but the call just ended or dropped. I did not get any message machine.

I tried a 2nd time from my TextNow number, but after ringing a few times the call dropped or ended. Nobody answered. The call just ended after ringing a few times.

From my Unknown Number VOIP, I called just now this same phone number 712 350 5620 … After ringing several times, it went to a busy signal.

I’ll try to call again in awhile.


their main number is down now 1(850)-810-0290