Verizon Discount 838-500-2135

Nice video. That guy seem to be a bit down with you.

Was that a voice changer or your professional voice changing skills :rofl:

I appreciate it haha I am the one doing the voice :joy:

Odd I just received a voicemail from this number last night (402) 495-6089‬
Female voice saying “you wanted me to call you so call me back”

What is her job?

402-495-6089‬ Goes to VM at the moment

That’s the thing we are not quite sure of…

Callback from 844-387-6962 - Membership support knows about this rebate promotion

844 number not answering or only sometimes
838 active and busy

Havn’t tried the alt [[ callback ]] numbers, found that some are still active though. The callbacks.

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838-500-2135 called me earlier! Asked why I kept calling, then the call dropped - I was busy.
Then had “UNKNOWN” spam calling me why I kept calling what I heard the caller say was 838-500-2135 but the call also kept dropping and was busy anyways! Guess I’m NOW unblocked lmao.

I just called 838-500-2135, they’re answering! Noisy call center can be heard in background.



Quick to block me again though, called numerous times asking him how he feels being a dirty scammer and instead he just kept quickly hanging up again. He called me back from “UNKNOWN” and was like telling me to try my best calling the “UNKNOWN” number back somehow, definitely the same loser from weeks ago.

They can try to block spoofed #'s :))

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Let him know the same guy he spoke to minutes ago, hopefully it riles him up more and gets him to call me back privately, says Hi and let me know how the many calls go!!! The idiot is currently calling and then very quickly hanging up from a Private/Hidden number. Just got a weird call from an (866) number too, was making a weird repetitive sound I’ve heard before from somewhere.

Which 866 # is that

1 ring hang after calling it. (866) 984-5869
Just got another random call, had to press 1 three times to continue the call - was just hold music and it was a different (866) number, I just hung up. 99.99% sure he’s gonna start calling me from random numbers, or spoofing it in scam texts again or getting people to call me, not that I give a flying fuck lol.

I wonder how that fake cop doing from the start is doing hahahahah.

What scam texts were there

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You misread my message. I’m currently thinking, maybe he’ll do the same stunts from before - as in spoofing my number etc. He’s continuing to call from “UNKNOWN” (Blocked/Hidden/Private Number).


Oppsies, maybe I read that message too fast. Don’t worry I understand :))

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Hahaha, just got a call from “Joe” (330) number claiming “Steve” told him i’m a scammer and i wanted to talk to him - seems fishy lol. I’m logging off for the night, I messaged him though, tryna fish for more info… maybe he’ll reply. I’ll continue this tomorrow.

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Quick update “Joe” seems to be fake. Believes in my fake alias and passed it down to Minecraft Wannabe “Steve”. Although, he continues to claim he’s not. Anyways, still 50/50 to be honest, but right now I’m believing he’s an “accomplice” to “Steve” in some form, whether that’s trying to gather fake info or what not.

On the other hand, “Steve” is currently still active on (838) 500-2135, I called him from one of my other numbers earlier and he didn’t answer. He just called me back unknowingly, once he heard me and knew he just told me straight away he’s going to block this other number of mine. Not that I care.

Also, I couldn’t update due to last night and how late it was - but he kept calling me last night via the 838 number which he ended up putting me back on the block list but also via an “UNKNOWN” (Private/Blocked/Hidden number), because he’s such an angry little freak whose parents very clearly showed him no love as a youngster. Anyhow, he’s still active, at least right now. Trying to get him to believe I’m a dual nationalist too so I’m also “american”, told me he scams “because it’s profitable”, so he admitted it - claimed I can’t do anything, little does he know! I have no way to get call recording JUST YET at least.

Told him I’m enjoying the conversations and laughed at him. Called me a scammer but wouldn’t tell me how I am one. Was like I’m probably from the “UK, England or one of those countries” and I simply replied telling him he probably couldn’t point it out on a map because he’s such a fucking re#ard. He happily blocks me on and off, and tells me he puts me on the “do not call list” he seems to have, then proceeds to call me anyways, whether that’s after he unblocks me after some time or just from a hidden number. “Steve” also continues to believe in my fake alias name. He has some shitty hold music for someone who’s allegedly “profiting” off a scam. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: @linbaits

So I tried to do a Carrier Lookup for (838) 500-2135

The following say it is serviced by Onvoy/Sinch:

The following say it is serviced by Enflick

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