Verified Rank

Just curious, how many approved posts do you need to get the verified rank? I saw in one of the information posts that if we get enough posts approved we can get a verified rank. But how much is enough? Or is it assigned only when the admins feel like it?

We don’t have a verified rank. We have a trusted and a well known rank.


@Flame#11015 After your discussions have been approved for a couple of times, you may receive the “Verified” rank by an administrator. Is Verified the same as Trusted? If not, how to get trusted rank?

@Ryan#11017 There is no verified rank.

@1337mathster#11020 im really confused. Anyways, how do you get the trusted rank? Does it correlate to the amount of discussions approved or if the admin trusts u

Be trusted by @thunder. I’m a mod and I’m not even “Trusted” so good luck.

@Flame#11039 haha

@Flame#11039 Is there any opportunity to become a mod any time soon? Sorry I’m just rlly curious about things.

@Ryan#11066 Not really any time soon

@R34P3R#11070 ahh ok thanks!

@Flame#11039 Mods don’t need the Trusted role on as they are already trusted to be Moderators.

@thunder#11088 the green tick looks cool tho

True @thunder#11088.

@Flame#11106 yeah it would be weird if he gave u a mod rank but didnt trust u…

Do you mean this tick?

@Trizocbs#17032 yeah, how did you get it?