UPS Scam- i have never used UPS in my life

I found this in my spam folder. Haven’t done anything to it, clicked on any links or whatnot. Don’t have a VM currently and I know naught about it.

UPS © [email protected] - email

Register a .EU.COM domain today! - The link when clicking continue

Register a .EU.COM domain today! -The here link


Welcome aboard :smiley:

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"Funny word “Postage” for UPS

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Yeah, that’s not gonna be good if you click it without a VM and a VPN- I did not have mine up, so I just used a cross browser testing site called Browserling to open the unshortened link:(Register a .EU.COM domain today!)

As you can tell, it has the word ‘track’ in it, so that’s not great to start with. Anyway, the website is just this company called Aria, which I believe is illegitimate since most of the photos are stock, pulled off of Google, I imagine. Another thing that leads me to believe this isn’t a legitimate company is that the ‘track’ link doesn’t redirect me to another site, it keeps me at that link whilst showing me the Aria page.

At the bottom of one of the site pages is a contact form with phone numbers, an office address, and the main office email.

Phone #s:
+81 720 22 126
+81 720 22 128
(Country Code is Japan)

office @ aria. com
(spaces because of the 2 link rule)

22nd Innovative Street,
San Francisco, CA 94043, US

That’s a pretty obvious fake address.

What’s more, is that a quick google search of the full address will reveal different websites, like this one:
with the same site template, branding, everything.

I’m kind of pressed on time, so if someone wants to give those numbers a call, let me know what you find.