UPDATE-Fake Officer Peter Johnson (202) 350-9071 "federal officer"

Scam Number: (202) 350-9071, (202) 978-9192
Domain Used: n/a
Extra Info: I had a VM asking to call back officer Peter Johnson (LOL).


I called him back and he sez I was a victim of a scammer, stated I needed to “rectify the matter” so I need legal representation to have this case “dismissed”. Told me I was “scammed by a terrorist” and therefore I am being investigated for aiding them. All I have to do is call attorney Joe Martinez at (202) 217-8700 to take care of this.
Fake officer Peter Johnson Federal Badge #1333
Case Number is US475124
Sounds American (maybe Dominican accent)
Peter Johnson personal office number (202) 978-9192

Marshall Martinez Law Firm is the one who will help me recover the money and legally represent me, fake lawyer phone (202) 217-8700 and this phone number has called me before to scam me.


Peter Johnson (202) 978-9192 VM

Frank Mandez (202) 350-9071 VM

Marshal Martinez (202) 217-8700 VM


Argh, I just got a call from fake Peter and he said he is sooooo upset for getting phone calls. People are accusing him of being a scammer, can you believe that?
Peter is very fragile :sob:


Going to call Peter from the other numbers listed here - hope he enjoys


I am not sure if he will enjoy it, but we all will!!!


202 350 9071 - I get the recording “the number you have dialed is unallocated”


For me it just rings and rings now …

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(202) 978-9192 went to voicemail - which asks for a passcode if you press *

Rings now TN

Another number for fake Johnson: (801) 980-6141
Note: Fake Johnson got very upset, called me a we**back! The gall of this MFr. :thinking:

(801) 980-6141 rings, then straight to TN subscriber

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He is very upset!! LMAO

Still nothing for me (801) 980-6141

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UPDATE with new number

Fake Peter Johnson: (201) 588-6263
This guy has been operating for months. Today I found another number for fake officer Peter Johnson, US federal Officer badge #1333. Still doing the same bullshit, the gist is that an accusation is being made for me sending money to a ‘scammer’ terrorist from Africa. Basically they say that since I got scammed by someone in the past, and since I sent money to them then the Justice Dept will investigate me for sending those funds to the scammer who turned out to be a member of Boko Haram.
So a payment for attorneys fees must be made today or else there will be a charge of aiding a terrorist organization. Disgusting scam particularly targetting previous victims of scammers.

FAKE Officer Peter Johnson: (201) 588-6263
FAKE Lawyer Joe Martinez: (202) 217-8700

I have been going around with the telecomm about the (202) 217-8700 number since August:

SUPRISE, SURPRISE Onvoy/Sinch/Inteliquent does nothing as the number is still being comandeered by these idiots.
Also please note: Peter is a little bitch who whines a lot about getting calls. Be gentle :wink:


201-588-6263 Still Active. Peter Johnson VM. Friday 10-14-22 8:42PM EST

202-217-8700 Still Active. Joe Martinez VM. Friday 10-14-22 8:43PM EST