Unknown scammer (call back) - (917) 810-5311

Scam Number: (917) 810-5311
Domain Used: (N/A)
Extra Info: They’ve called me back on this number, not too sure who they’re with. They’ve refused to say who they’re but they’re from India I can confirm.

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This is Synergy Finance
You must have called them some time within the last few months or they just happened to robocall you at random (which they do every day)
They have been running this scam for over 12 months that I’ve been paying attention to them, probably longer
They always have that same happy as fuck hold music every day on a new 917 - New York, NY area code number.
A quick search of my database shows they’ve also used
516 - Hempstead, NY,
718 - New York, NY,
Several 888 toll free & the bulk of them
917 - New York, NY as well as many in the
929 - New York, NY
173 numbers in total
I know they never retire numbers completely, as I’ve had calls from them on old numbers many times in the past.
Loan scam are very profitable, which is why they’ve stuck to the same script for such a long time.
When the lockdown agenda was forced down the throats of every citizen in the alleged free world, loan scams exploded with hundreds upon hundreds of numbers every day in large consecutive blocks.
Just like every politician, scammers never let a crisis go to waste and seize upon every opportunity.

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lets not get political, mkay?

Number is still active. let’s goo and take it down!