UK Popup (+44) 0800 011 9561

Scam Number: (+44) 0800 011 9561
Scammer’s Website or Email: Microsoft Windows Defender Security Center Services
Additional information about this scam:

new live URL for VMs

I’ve been baiting this call for twenty mins made Stephan well angry for him to say he will block me I called them back they said sheriff’s department of Huston how may I help you funny as hell it was great popup

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If you can give this number to dan gleeballs for his Twitter he is a scammer from Ghana this is his number +233 55 883 1555 I’ve been baiting him for a few months I’ve convinced him I’m a scammer and he has asked me to set up bank so him and his scammer mates can transfer money I haven’t replied but he is a romance scammer also he looks on Facebook watts app and other sites to find clients as they call them not sure what platforms they use but I can find out if I can find the dating site he uses a a man and lady maybe we could get someone to bait him I’ll call him tonight

sorry, only just read your message. Do you still want me to pass this message on?